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Hello everyone, welcome to my homepage!

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I love Quake. Other games like COD and Fartnight are too slow and easy for me. I mean what the hell is the graphics on Fortnite. Who wants to play a cartoon? Call of Duty is wayyyy too slow, everyone is like "MOM GET THE CAMERA" when they get a headshot or quickscope. In Quake there is a little thing called a fucking railgun! HAHAHA!!! My favorite weapon is the grenade launcher because direct shots are op. My favorite game version is Live because it is like q3a but not completely dead. Quake is my favorite video game! Id Software is great, I love Doom, Wolfenstein, Hexen, and Heretic too. I am not very good at Commander Keen, but I still love it!

Sumikko Gurashi

Sumikko Gurashi is a series of fluffies that are really cute. My friend Persephonne has two; Egg Boy Gay Boy is the big one. MaRShMaLlo is the tiny one. I used to have Penguin but my sister ripped it up. Bella always steals Marshmallo. #bellaisakidnapper. Bella is still my mom tho. Green dude is Penguin, white cat is Marshmallo, and pajama dude is EggBoyGayBoy.

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I love coding. I am learning Perl5 and I pretty much know HTML5. I tried larning Python but it is too easy to hold my attention. After Perl I will learn C, then Fortran, then Java. Also I love Calculator coding. I know Lua and 68K Basic. I will have a section on page 2 dedicated to calculators. I am not currently working on any Perl games because I am not advanced enough.

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Happy Birthday Bella Zamanian 1-2-2020